The Festival of Dreams, an IASD California Regional Event

Santa Cruz, CA April 12-14, 2019

Presentation Proposal Form

Type the requested information directly into this document and submit it to

Deadline: January 15, 2019



Presenter(s) Include for each:


E-mail address: ____

Physical address:____

Telephone (home and cell): ____


Presenter/Co-Presenters Names as you wish it/them to appear in the program: ____


Presenter(s) Bios (approx 70 words each):____


Type of presentation: (check one):

____ Symposium Presentation: 30 minutes (20 +10 for Q&A) to be grouped into a symposium of similar talks

____ Special event30 – 45 -minute entertainment event (artistic, interactive, performance or group enacted).

____ 1-hour Workshop*

____ 90-minute Workshop*

____ 1-hour Dream Group**

____ 90-minute Dream Group**

*  A Workshop is an interactive experiential session (not a lecture) with exercises to actively involve participants and demonstrate techniques, theories or concepts.  Lecture portions are not to exceed 1/3 of the total workshop time.

** A Dream Group is an interactive experiential session (not a lecture) for the sole purpose of sharing and working on the nighttime dreams of the participants; it is NOT a session for lecturing other than introducing the participants to the approach. No audio/visual will be provided.  Please note that Dream Groups will probably be held in an outdoor space during daylight hours. April in Santa Cruz will likely be mild, but let us know if being outdoors is not good for you.


Presentation Title (limit to about 8 words, less is often better):____


Presentation Summary (approx. 200 to 300 words):____

a) Summary: short 50-word introduction that can be used in the program booklet and advertising; followed by

b) Details: a more detailed summary describing in sequence what you plan to present.  

c) Workshop summaries must also contain: c) the specific techniques that participants will be engaged in.


AV Requested:  We will attempt to satisfy your AV requests depending on cost and availability.  We will let you know if we need you to bring your own. NOTE THAT WORKSHOP AND DREAM GROUP SPACES DO NOT HAVE AV EQUIPMENT.  Check what you are requesting:

___Digital projector with screen;

___Laptop (Microsoft) with PowerPoint

___Microphone (only for large lecture spaces, not typically workshops)

___Flip chart and pens

___Other (specify)


Space Layout Requirements:

___Empty middle (chairs against walls, center empty)

___Public space for special event



___Boardroom (large table surrounded by chairs)

___Classroom (tables and chairs in ranks)


Limited Attendance?  If so, how many:__________


Schedule Restrictions: Is there a time during the weekend when you will NOT be available to present? (note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests).  Our primary presentation times will be Friday evening and all day Saturday. I am NOT available: ____


Special Requests or Comments:____


Ethics Adherence:  Initial here if you agree ____

Presenters must have read the IASD ethics statement ( and agree to adhere to it. In short, proposals should reflect educational, ethical, non-intrusive goals and methods, and not practice therapy nor make impractical claims. All presentations must be conducted in a manner that affirms that the dreamer is the ultimate authority on the meaning of their own dreams.  You may not overtly promote or sell your books, products or services in the session spaces (you may briefly reference a book if it directly supports your presentation).  


Rights of Use:   Initial here if you agree ____

The presenter maintains ownership of the material from which the presentation was created, and retains the right to re-use that material. It is agreed that IASD may publish the presentation information provided above in the program promotional materials and program guide and may  record, archive and make the presentation available for the purpose of viewing during or after the conference along with IASD’s collecting and retaining any associated fees.


CEs (if you want your presentation to be eligible for CEs):  


  1. a) Description above must be aimed at continuing postgraduate education of psychologists and health/mental health professionals, with a primary focus on clinical, theoretical, or academic topics and must contain information that substantiates the basis of the presentation (research, recognized technique, named theory, clinical experience, etc.).
  1. b) 3 Learning Objectives (about 25 words or less each) Use only these verbs – Identify, summarize, list, describe, differentiate, discuss, compute, predict, explain, demonstrate, utilize, analyze, design, select, create, plan, assess, compare, critique, write, apply, demonstrate, prepare, use, compile, revise):




  1. c) 3 References (professional journals, books or articles) that support the content of the presentation.