Eva Rider MA, MFT

“Dreams are Alive: A Jungian Interactive Approach to the Embodied Dream”

Eva Rider MA, MFT is a Jungian-oriented depth psychotherapist, workshop leader and presenter based in California. Eva’s teaching incorporates dreamwork with fairy tale, myth, tarot music, movement and art based in an exploration of the correspondences between Jungian theory, alchemy and psyche/soma as revealed through the hermetic tree of life. Eva Rider is a graduate of the renowned Marion Woodman BodysSoul Rhythms® Leadership Training program and her work is deeply inspired by her extensive training with Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton. Eva has taught Dreamwork, Jungian Theory and Myth at John F. Kennedy University and teaches independently at locations in the United States and Canada.  Eva has been an Advisory Board of the Depth Psychology Alliance (a Global network for Depth Psychology) through which she also teaches online classes. She is certified as a Hypnotherapist, Movement-Expression®Teacher. SoulCollage® Facilitator and TRE® practitioner (somatic trauma release.)

Website: Reclaiming Soul