Dr. Gayle Delaney

“Dreams and Your Love Life”

Gayle Delaney, PhD, a pioneer in modern dream work, is the Founding President and a Co-Founder of the IASD, and Co-Director with Loma Flowers MD of the Delaney & Flowers Dream Center. She created the Dream Interview Method and authored the books Living Your Dreams, Sensual Dreaming, In Your Dreams, All About Dreams, and Breakthrough Dreaming. She has presented practical dreamwork 5 times on Oprah and on many hundreds of national (Good Morning America, Today, NBC Nightly News) and European TV and Radio shows.  She hosted the first daily 3-hour, prime time AM radio show using the Dream Interview format, and has a special interest in the use of dreams to develop one’s ability to love and to discriminate. Gayle’s work teaching secular, private metaphor-based, interpretation aims at making dreamers independent of traditional pre-conceptions, and competent at figuring out their unique dreams, putting insights to work in daily relationships, creative work, and self esteem.  Gayle works in three languages, here, in Canada and Europe, and on Skype. Gayle is hopelessly mad about Rome where she has spent 17 summers teaching and tango dancing and learning how to live more fully.

Website: Your Sleeping Genius